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All Xchanger Suite components are highly flexible, allowing rigorous specification of the exchanger geometry. This capability makes the best use of HTRI’s proprietary heat transfer and pressure drop correlations and provides the most accurate performance predictions available for supported exchanger types.

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Rate, simulate, and design air coolers and economizers, including natural draft (fans off) and forced draft conditions. Xace includes vendor fan selection calculations and options to simulate the effect of flow and temperature maldistribution.

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Rate, simulate, and design virtually any type of shell-and-tube exchanger, including kettles, hairpins, thermosiphons, reflux condensers, and falling film evaporators. Xist supports all standard TEMA exchanger types, and includes integrated tools for flow-induced vibration calculations and tube layout design.

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Simulate and design multi-stream axial and crossflow plate-fin exchangers using an incremental model with research-based heat transfer and pressure drop correlations. Xpfe contains graphical layout tools that make even complex stream arrangements easy to create.

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Rate, simulate, and design plate-and-frame exchangers using user-defined plate types or plates selected from an internal manufacturers' databank. Xphe contains a port maldistribution model that calculates the flow through each plate channel.

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Rate and simulate single-phase spiral plate exchangers using an incremental model with HTRI-validated heat transfer and pressure drop correlations. Xspe models cocurrent and countercurrent spiral flow (Type I exchangers).

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Calculate flow-induced vibration for a tube in a shell-and-tube exchanger using a rigorous finite element based algorithm. Xvib considers fluidelastic instability and vortex shedding mechanisms for both straight tubes and U-tubes.

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Simulate the performance of cylindrical and box heaters. Xfh uses a Hottel zoning method to calculate localized radiant and process-side performance. Additional combustion and convection section modules allow evaluation of a complete process fired heater.

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HTRI's general-purpose fired heater modeling software, is flexible enough to handle most fired heater configurations. It incorporates a user-friendly interface that reduces learning time and increases efficiency.

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