Member Benefits

As an HTRI member, you gain access to the resources of the world-recognized leader in process heat transfer technology. Our products and services have proven essential for engineering professionals in more than 60 countries –providing problem-solving, cost-effective, and time-saving results. Take advantage of all of HTRI's expertise – offered to members at a fraction of the cost of creating your own solutions.

  • Research 
    HTRI’s applied research program has been improving process heat transfer technology for more than 55 years. We employ research engineers who draw on their collective experience and our latest research findings from our state-of-the-art test facility to solve industry problems.  
  • Publications 
    We invest in our own research that translates directly into the world of engineering operations and has resulted in hundreds of technical reports that members can use to answer existing questions or as background for their own studies. Members provide input for our research direction and technical programs, ensuring they represent analyses and solutions related to real-world challenges. 
  • Proprietary Contracts 
    Our experienced staff are available on contract to help address diverse heat exchanger problems such as improving exchanger performance or throughput, reducing fouling, or troubleshooting your equipment. We offer outsourcing options for consulting, testing, and custom software solutions.
  • Networking
    Cooperation among companies, for the general good of all, is one of the primary strengths of a consortium. HTRI members have several opportunities to be heard within the consortium that include committees, task forces, and our yearly Global Conference providing members with a networking and learning event held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of Stockholders.
  • Software 
    HTRI software is widely used all over the world. Based on years of research results, these software tools are designed so that engineers derive daily operating benefit from them. Our acclaimed Xchanger Suite® is considered the industry's most advanced thermal process design and simulation software, and offers nine specific modules for different equipment types. All Xchanger Suite components are highly flexible and make use of  HTRI's proprietary heat transfer and pressure drop correlations, allowing rigorous specifications of the exchanger geometry and accurate exchanger performance predictions.
  • Support 
    HTRI’s global Technical Support team helps members use our software, interpret HTRI reports and software methods, and troubleshoot installation. Our technical support is provided by qualified and experienced personnel backed by the entire research staff. 
  • Training 
    HTRI conducts regional and on-site training around the world to enable members to fully utilize our powerful thermal process design and simulation software and expand their knowledge of process heat transfer. Our courses present in-depth information on topics of interest to practicing engineers with different experience levels in a variety of disciplines. Members can take advantage of our library of workshops, short courses, seminars, and webinars, or request customized training. 

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