2020 HTRI Virtual Global Conference

Presentation Summaries and Slides

  • CFD simulations of a U-tube bundle F-shell heat exchanger
  • Engineering checklist: Concept, technology, and a functional prototype
  • Heat transfer and pressure drop for a pseudoplastic fluid
  • Hot air recirculation and migration in API air coolers
  • HTRI solutions to manage fouling in heat exchanger networks
  • Lessons learned: Understanding shellside condensation flow regime boundaries
  • Measurement of two-phase maldistribution in an air-cooled heat exchanger
  • Micro-finned tube options in Xchanger Suite®: Condensing case studies with Neotiss HPT Micro-fin Type 2 tubes
  • Parametric CFD study of entrainment in a kettle reboiler
  • Phase-change materials: An initial HTRI study
  • Research to software: What’s in the pipeline
  • Surface coatings for heat exchangers: An HTRI perspective
  • Tubeside falling film evaporators: Replacing legacy methods
  • Xchanger Suite® 8.2: What’s new and improved

Poster Summaries

  • Design concept for water fouling test section
  • Non-Newtonian CFD simulations of intube ketchup flows
  • RAPID demonstration test of plate-fin heat exchanger for process air-cooled condensers
  • Reduce heat exchanger fouling using Vapor Infusion with bubble vapor treatment (BVT)

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