HTRI's Research & Technology Center (RTC) is a 22,500 ft2 multimillion-dollar research facility in Navasota, TX, USA. It includes eleven operating research units as well as support facilities and equipment. The RTC enhances our research capabilities by providing a controlled environment for testing.

  • HTRI Research & Technology Center
    HTRI Research & Technology Center
  • HTRI Research & Technology Center Interior
    HTRI Research & Technology Center Interior
  • Lab
    Evaluating fluid compositions for tests conducted with mixtures of two or more hydrocarbon fluids
  • Measuring
    Measuring tube dimensions prior to running tests on the crude oil fouling test section
  • Microscope
    Examining crude oil fouling deposits on the inside surfaces of fouling test section tubes
  • Test Unit
    Setting up differential pressure transmitter
  • Viscometer
    Analyzing crude oil samples over a range of temperatures

The research units provide a platform for

  • air cooler studies for API-661 designs
  • testing fouling of crude oil and other hydrocarbon feedstocks
  • testing performance of plate heat exchangers under water-water service
  • vacuum condensation studies
  • multipurpose boiling studies
  • multipurpose condensation studies
  • visualization studies of two-phase flow
  • performance testing of prototype heat exchangers
  • flow testing of viscous liquids and slurries

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Research Units

These research units can be customized to meet the changing needs of our customers. We are also available to conduct research and to construct new rigs under contract.

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Find out about having us conduct your tests in RTC

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