2021 HTRI Virtual Global Conference

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Presentation Summaries and Slides

  • Challenges in improving kettle circulation model
  • Digital transformation using HTRI SmartPM™: Case studies at ENEOS Group refineries
  • Fan blockage effects on performance of forced-draft API air coolers
  • Lessons learned: Acoustic vibration: Beyond Xist®
  • Lessons learned: Beware of TEMA clearances for small high-effectiveness heat exchangers
  • Modeling A-frame condensers in Xace®: Workarounds and future plans
  • Multicomponent condensation – Modeling challenges in commercial software
  • New features in Xchanger Suite® 9.0
  • Observations of high-effectiveness heat exchangers
  • Practical fluid modeling in Xchanger Suite®: Theory, recommendations, and practical examples
  • Progress toward development of fouling simulation
  • Quantifying two-phase maldistribution in front header of full-scale air-cooled heat exchanger
  • Research update: Impact of precursor depletion on crude oil fouling
  • Robert evaporators: Introduction and modeling approach
  • Vacuum shellside condensation with low-finned tubes

Poster Summaries

  • Batch reactor system: Case study with external heat exchanger
  • Impact of particle size and concentration distribution on fouling and review of characterization techniques
  • Mobile test unit for tubeside cooling water fouling
  • Research update: Phase-change material (PCM)