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Fouling Testing for Crude Oil and Petroleum Products

HTRI experts use our proprietary fouling rigs to research and assess fouling of petroleum and petroleum products. We provide data that can help keep heat exchangers running longer, cleaner, and more efficiently. Our crude oil fouling testing program has developed reliable and repeatable techniques that assess the in-tube fouling potential for crude oil and petroleum products. Results are provided in a detailed, customized report. More information can be found on the Fouling Testing page.

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Evaluating Fouling Development on Heat Exchangers

HTRI Edgeview®, an inventive solution for fast, accurate evaluation of heat exchanger performance, was developed to identify operating regimes that exhibit reduced fouling tendencies in shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Edgeview has been used effectively to evaluate measured fouling development in operating facilities. The solution leverages more than 55 years of HTRI research expertise. HTRI Consulting Services utilize Edgeview to deliver an effective, customized solution that incorporates the unique requirements of each client.

Preventing Biofouling

I2 Vapor Infused Technology is a patented, eco-friendly approach for preventing and retarding biofouling in heat exchangers, cooling towers, and other heat transfer equipment. The infusion process works automatically without staff intervention with the exception of a simple monthly replacement of an iodine cartridge. HTRI is the exclusive distributor for I2 Air Fluid Innovations’ technologies, products, and services for heat exchange equipment and will customize the process for each application. More information is available at For further information or for quotations, please contact