is trend analysis software that helps plant process engineers and corporate heat transfer specialists troubleshoot heat exchangers and analyze heat exchanger performance.

The software rapidly calculates performance indicators for shell-and-tube exchangers. It uses built-in filters and pre-defined calculations that make the most effective use of HTRI methods. The parallel-processing feature allows users to execute rigorous Xist® calculations more than eight times faster than running the cases in Xist individually. With the aid of HTRI’s exchanger models, the results highlight performance shortfalls, making it easy for users to identify important operating points for thorough troubleshooting.

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Edgeview Information Sheet
Data Filter

Filter and Reconcile
Raw Data

Paste time-based operating data in simple table format, adjust units, remove gross errors, and generate subsets for focused analysis

Perform Fast Rigorous Operations

Perform Fast, Rigorous Operations

Process eight or more Xist® cases simultaneously with calculation modes that are designed to generate meaningful performance indicators using HTRI’s proven methods

Duty Ratio

Discover Performance Shortfalls

Review input data and plot performance against various criteria using flexible trending tools

Getting Started: Building Your First Case in Edgeview

This webinar provides an overview of the Edgeview interface, demonstrates how to set up a case and perform an analysis, and offers guidance on the reports interface.

HTRI members can access this webinar for free. If you are not affiliated with an HTRI member company, contact [email protected] to learn how your company can join. View the webinar