Proprietary Testing

Our heat transfer experts can provide a range of testing solutions, from proof testing on the HTRI rigs to planning in-plant measurements on full-scale process equipment.  We can provide cradle to market support for new heat transfer surfaces. 

Industrial-Scale Proof Testing

Success in bench-top testing laboratory does not guarantee success in the plant. On the other hand, if the heat transfer device is "tested at HTRI", you can be assured that it is tested to the same standards used to develop the design methods for process industry heat exchangers. Our test rigs at the Research & Technology Center can handle a variety of fluids in single-phase, boiling, and condensing service. Our 500-hp steam boiler with a capacity of 4980 kW (17 MM Btu/hr) and our two-cell cooling tower with 6159 kW (21 MM Btu/hr) cooling capacity can handle industrially-sized test units.  Industrial scale testing helps determine bundle effects that cannot be determined from small bench top units. 

Fouling Tests for Crude Oil and Petroleum Products

Our crude oil fouling research program has developed reliable and repeatable techniques to assess the in-tube fouling potential for crude oil and petroleum products.  This includes single crudes, crude mixtures, and crude plus additives.  The same methods and facilities that are used for HTRI Research which correspond to operating conditions in the preheat train through fired heater are available for private testing as well.  This includes the option to chemically characterize the fluid before and deposit after the test.  Test results can be used to establish design criteria for plant heat exchangers, give indication on how new crude blends will affect fouling in a current plant, or help evaluate if the latest additive will provide benefit in your plant. If you are planning for a new crude oil blend at your refineries or for changes in the petroleum products, fouling test data can provide crucial information about process operation.

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