Proprietary Contracts

In addition to our research and software methods, HTRI offers a variety of heat transfer related services. These services are available to both member and non-member companies. 

  • Proprietary Testing 
    With twelve operating research units, the RTC provides a controlled environment to test emerging heat transfer technologies and process flow phenomena.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) 
    CFD simulation—guided by real-world experience and our own validating data—provides actionable insights into heat exchanger performance issues encountered during design, operation, and uprating. 
  • Fouling Services 
    With three designated units, our fouling team uses highly refined automated processes to produce high quality, repeatable data to assist in reducing operational risks.
Download information sheet
Download information sheet

We have the knowledge and tools to thoroughly examine your heat exchanger problems. When accuracy matters, you can count on HTRI.

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