Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis is one of the most successful methods of solving familiar heat exchanger problems. HTRI uses CFD simulation effectively in its research and contract projects to improve heat exchanger performance for customers worldwide.

CFD studies can assist in the design stage to identify potential problems as well as resolve operational issues after the exchanger is in service. We have used CFD to solve client’s heat exchanger problems in the plant, including:

  • Maldistribution
  • Bundle dryout resulting in decreased heat transfer
  • Potential fouling
  • Poor utilization of allowable pressure drop
  • Shortened equipment life cycle
  • Flow maldistribution and excessive pressure drop
  • Low cost-to-benefit ratio for heat transfer enhancement techniques
  • Excessive tube vibration
  • Lower performance due to bypassing


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CFD Shellside Maldistribution Case Study
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CFD Hot Air Recirculation Case Study
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CFD Disc & Doughnut Case Study
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