What is SmartPM?

SmartPM is HTRI's innovative digital transformation (DX) software that is revolutionizing the monitoring and performance prediction of complex and often heavily fouled shell-and-tube networks. By harnessing the power of HTRI's detailed heat exchanger technology in robust digital twin models, major operating companies around the globe are maximizing operational efficiency by reducing energy use and emissions and managing maintenance costs.

Read the Case Studies to see why major oil companies have adopted SmartPM within their digital transformation programs.

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How can SmartPM help your company?

Users can manage their digital transformation (DX) processes by building and controlling their own complex heat exchanger network models.

  • Facilitate the sharing of critical operational performance data (both measured and calculated) for past and future performances.
  • Empower work groups across departments and locations to collaborate seamlessly in operational, engineering, financial, and environmental decision making.
  • Synchronize efforts for enhanced efficiency and success (from optimization to maintenance and cost projects).

HTRI engineers are also available to build models and assist in the implementation behind the user's firewall.

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Where is SmartPM applied today?

Over 100 heat exchanger networks around the world have been modeled using SmartPM. Of those, crude preheat trains currently account for more than 15% of crude oil processed globally.

Applications beyond crude and hydrocarbon processing also benefit from using SmartPM. Its versatility extends to industries such as petrochemical, food, biofuels, and more.

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