Board of Directors

The Corporate Bylaws of Heat Transfer Research, Inc., define the membership and authority of the Board of Directors, as well as outline when meetings will be held.

Members of the Board of Directors are elected annually by the stockholders. The Board consists of full-time staff of member companies or Participating Affiliates (PAs) and of independent directors who have business, legal, or technical expertise that supports the needs of the corporation and/or knowledge of the industries HTRI serves. Independent directors may comprise up to one-third of the authorized number of Board members.

Directors may serve no more than twelve consecutive years. The Board annually elects a Chair and a Vice Chair, who may serve up to three years in each respective position.

Claudette D. Beyer

Chair Claudette D. Beyer Heat Transfer Research, Inc.

Paul D. Harte

Vice Chair Paul D. Harte North West Redwater Partnership

Sam E. Chapple

Member Sam E. Chapple Independent Director

George A. Denavit

Member George A. Denavit Independent Director

Ivan Olson

Member Ivan Olson Independent Director

Snezana Velimirovic

Member Snezana Velimirovic Chemetics Inc.