What is Xchanger Suite?

Xchanger Suite—considered to be the most advanced thermal process design and simulation software—rates, simulates, and/or designs a variety of heat transfer equipment. HTRI’s calculation methods are backed by over half a century of applied research and data collected on industrially relevant heat transfer equipment. Based on the results of this ongoing effort, we update our methods to meet your evolving engineering needs.

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How can Xchanger Suite help your company?

Xchanger Suite includes components for the rating, simulation, design, and/or analysis of

  • tubular-based geometries
  • compact heat exchangers
  • flow-induced vibration
  • fired heaters
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More than 1,500 members and affiliates around the world rely on Xchanger Suite to design a variety of heat transfer equipment and optimize plant performance. With Xchanger Suite, you can create advanced models to generate performance predictions with industry-leading accuracy.

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Power your teams' creativity with automation and collaboration. Xchanger Suite is easy to set up and user friendly, allowing you to complete your work more quickly.

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Xchanger Suite works with many major software packages for physical properties, process simulation, mechanical design, integrated engineering, and fan selection.

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What's new with Version 9.1?

Changes in this release include an electric heater option and method improvements for

  • heat transfer and pressure drop for forced vs. natural draft in air coolers
  • shellside/tubeside film boiling heat transfer
  • shellside heat transfer for both horizontal and vertical unbaffled shells
  • shellside critical heat flux
  • mixture shellside condensation

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