Technical Support provides solutions and workarounds to common technical dilemmas as they apply to different Xchanger Suite modules. HTRI staff also present live webinars on some of these issues. Check the Upcoming Events calendar to see when the next webinar will be offered or see the list of past TechTip webinars

TT-1  Beware of large height under nozzle with parallel-cut baffles

TT-2  Learn how driver power is calculated (updated 06/2019)

TT-3  Model fan-off operation in Xace (updated 03/2019)

TT-4  Flow boiling with small increase in weight fraction vapor 

TT-5  Design guidance for distributor plates (updated 08/2016)

TT-6  Handling excessive pressure drop for low pressure condensers (retired 06/2019)

TT-7  Model flooding for horizontal tubeside condensers

TT-8  Model tube vibration in the bundle entrance region with parallel-cut baffles (updated 07/2019)

TT-9  Specify double-segmental baffles in Xist

TT-10  Model electric heaters in Xist

TT-11  Model DX evaporators in Xace and Xist (retired 10/2020)

TT-13  Model supercritical fluids (updated 05/2019)

TT-14  Create custom templates for Xchanger Suite (updated 02/2022)

TT-15  Single-phase vapor and condensing heat transfer across inline low-finned tube bundles in cross flow (updated 09/2017)

TT-16  Selecting face velocities for API air-cooler designs

TT-17  Tubecount assumptions in Xist

TT-18  Design guidance for no-tube-in-window (NTIW) baffles

TT-19  Piping options in Xist (updated 02/2023)

TT-20  Modeling plugged tubes in Xace

TT-21  Calculating vapor velocity in vacuum condensers

TT-22  Specifying annular distributors (updated 10/2018)

TT-23  Specifying tubeside reflux condensers in Xist

TT-24  Modeling U-bend supports in Xist 

TT-25  Modeling anti-vibration support plates in Xist  

TT-26  Vibration analysis of nonbaffled H shells

TT-27  Modeling air-cooled heat exchangers with redundant fans 

TT-28  Specifying disk-and-doughnut baffles in Xist

TT-29 Kettle vaporizers and the modified three-point heat release curve

TT-30 Modeling plate-and-shell heat exchangers using Xphe 

TT-31 Beware of flow obstructions in inlet and outlet regions

TT-32 Condensation of two liquid phases in steam/hydrocarbon applications 


Application Notes

Determining Input for Flue Gas Soot Extinction Coefficient

Guidelines for Tube Vibration Analysis

Modeling Temperature Profile in Vertical Tubeside Thermosiphons

Selecting Appropriate Face Velocity Ranges for Air-Cooler Designs