Technical Publications

HTRI's work in process heat transfer technology is captured in several hundred research reports, summarized in our Design Manual, and provided to our customers through software.

Research Reports

Research reports describe calculation methods, research data, and/or literature reviews. Our research data are unique in that they are obtained in full-size units using fluids characteristic of those in the processing industries. These reports document and support the methods used in our software.

Design Manual

This electronic document summarizes HTRI calculation methods, provides design recommendations, and offers practical design tips. Topics include basic methods for single-phase pressure drop and heat transfer, condensation, boiling, two-phase flow, fouling, flow-induced vibration, and design guidelines for shell-and-tube, air-cooled, and non-tubular exchangers. This publication provides the basis for understanding HTRI software results and contains references to research reports for detailed study. The Design Manual is the comprehensive reference for HTRI’s latest research-based thermal design recommendations for all types of heat exchangers.

Other Publications

HTRI can occasionally provide our members access to technical information from highly regarded researchers in heat transfer technology. In addition, our own staff often write for technical publications or make presentations at conferences. Check this page for the most recent items.