HTRI technical support is available to all members. However, each individual is required to have a unique account. If you do not have an account yet, please create one on our website:

Submit an Inquiry

When you submit your inquiry, please include your corporate signature:

  • your title
  • work address including country
  • full corporate identification information for our records

This is required each and every time you contact HTRI Technical Support.

Having an existing account and providing this information will ensure you will receive the fastest response.

The format below serves as an example of the information required.

John Doe
Senior Project Engineer
+1.979.690.5050 (Direct) | [email protected]

Heat Transfer Research, Inc.
P.O. Box 1390 | Navasota, TX 77868 USA | +1.979.690.5050


If your inquiry concerns a particular case, be sure to send the following:

  • A saved .htri input file (not a PDF or Excel spreadsheet of the output)
  • The specific HTRI software program name(s) and version number(s) you are using (Example: Xist, Version 9.1)

Response Time

HTRI strives to respond to all inquiries within 3 business days following receipt. If any exception is necessary (e.g., due to complex analysis that may require additional time), we will send an interim notice stating the expected date of our response.

Closing Ticket

We will send a closing email once we believe we have resolved the inquiry. If you have further questions and/or concerns, please respond to our closing email and we will try to address any open issues as best as we are able.

HTRI members are welcome to provide feedback on how our HTRI technical staff as performed by emailing [email protected]

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