Knowledge Base

This knowledge base provides HTRI members with answers to commonly asked questions or tips for working with our software products. Technical Support staff frequently update the content as they respond to member inquiries.

Using the Software

FAQs answer common questions about things such as website access, software installation, and general product information.

Webinars include numerous recordings about building your first case, as well as TechTips on modeling certain types of units. 

Tutorials show you how to use HTRI software most effectively.

Training describes the current short courses and workshops about HTRI methods and software.

TechTips offer solutions and workarounds to common technical dilemmas as they apply to different Xchanger Suite modules.

Known Issues (formerly HCPAs) describe known errors in the current software and potential workarounds.

Understanding the Methods behind HTRI Software

Research Reports

Design Manual

Other Useful Documents

HTRI Parametric Study Tool (Members need to log in to download the file)
The HTRI Parametric Study tool extends the capabilities of HTRI Xchanger Suite using Microsoft Excel and the OLE automation server interface and API that is installed with Xchanger Suite. This tool allows you to run many Xchanger Suite cases in series based on a template *.htri file while varying parameters of your choosing.

Use this tool if you want to study the sensitivity of calculation results when changing input to the HTRI software. The tool is intended for users with experience using and knowledge of the underlying data models in Xchanger Suite. However, with some patience and practice, a novice user should be able to effectively use this tool.


Other Publications

Software Documentation

Software Quality Assurance (January 2020)