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100 Webinars
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Why attend our training?

Each year, HTRI trains thousands of end-users worldwide through our training program. We provide you with the best training possible—the kind based on the latest robust research results, reliable software methods, and relevant industry standards.

Our training can help you become adept at using our technology and software through a variety of deliverables, including

  • workshops and short courses
  • webinars
  • tutorials
  • eLearning
  • onsite training
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Need in-depth training?

Live, instructor-led training is offered throughout the year, delivered in-person and online. Workshops are software-focused and designed to improve your proficiency with a specific HTRI product. Short courses are methods-based and use case studies to provide real-world insight into industry topics.

Quality workbooks, solutions, and case studies are provided for you to review after the training ends.

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Need training that is more flexible?

HTRI members have access to a variety of resources that are accommodating to your schedule.


Free, hour-long sessions that address specific heat transfer issues and are provided by our experienced staff. There are over 100 recorded webinars available for you to view at your convenience.



Deliver brief, relevant insights into software functionality. There are over 70 free video tutorials, covering topics such as navigating panels, entering cases, and learning how to input different options into Xchanger Suite® and its various modules.



Offers convenience and flexibility that is self-paced and delivered entirely online. Finish a course within the 30-day access period and earn a certificate of completion documenting five hours of professional development.


Need customized training?

We will conduct onsite training to fit your company's needs. These events provide a cost effective way to train larger groups. With in-person or online delivery options, onsite training offers convenient scheduling and less time out of the office for your team.

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Onsite Training

Training case study: Excess fouling in a debutanizer column reboiler

Read how Xist® was utilized to aid in mitigating the rapid polymerization fouling problem and prolong the operating cycle between cleaning stages.

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What are the myths about HTRI training?

HTRI offers several different approaches to training.

  • You can attend HTRI-hosted events online or in-person.
  • We can provide training onsite at your facility or online for your entire team.
  • We even have free, hour-long webinars (for HTRI members).
HTRI workshops, short courses, and eLearning courses are open to non-members. Log into your HTRI Account to register for an upcoming training event. If you do not have an HTRI Account, you can create one for free.
We base our examples on real cases from industry. To bring you added value, we strive to spend as much hands-on time in HTRI software as possible during our training sessions.
Do you need training on cases that are specific to applications used in your company? We can help. To make content more relevant, we often customize training, especially example cases, for onsite training. Typically, we build on existing content but emphasize specific areas that the customer requests.
HTRI-hosted training events are not limited to customers in a specific region. You are welcome to register for and attend an in-person event at any location or online event in any time zone. Before registering, though, make sure that the training is going to be conducted in a language you understand. If the event is online, make sure you can attend the scheduled live sessions shown in the event description (this may require you to convert the session start and stop times to the time zone applicable to your location).
HTRI software and training is evolving. We continually revise content based on feedback, adding example cases, research updates, and concepts. Training is conducted in the most recent released version of HTRI software. We have new information to share, and you’re missing out if we haven’t seen you since the last software release!
HTRI offers a variety of training for all experience levels. It’s true that some courses are focused toward users new to engineering and/or HTRI. However, some are focused toward more experienced engineers and/or HTRI users. No matter what your level of engineering or HTRI experience, you will learn something new each time you attend one of our training courses.
If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Our training program offers a variety of options. Find the one that works for you.

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