Cooperation among companies, for the general good of all, is one of the primary strengths of a consortium. We offer several opportunities for members to be heard within the HTRI consortium.


Communication Committee

Communication Committees (CCs) provide an official forum for members in geographic proximity. These meetings are member-initiated and member-managed; they help prioritize members’ needs and offer best practices and ideas for research and software development.


Technical Committee

The Technical Committee (TC) provides input to staff helping ensure that HTRI’s research projects are industrially relevant. Technical Committee members work closely with HTRI management and staff to determine the technical projects that are funded, which will ultimately help generate HTRI’s products.


Task Forces

Task Forces provide a forum to help formulate the direction of specific projects. They are focused on solving industry-critical long-term problems or studying emerging issues common to a group of HTRI members, such as the Crude Oil Fouling Task Force (COFTF).


Global Conference

The HTRI Global Conference, held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of Stockholders, provides a yearly opportunity for members to exchange ideas about research shaping the process heat transfer industry and learn more about HTRI products. HTRI training is offered adjacent to the Global Conference to allow attending members to conveniently extend their stay for a hands-on class. Courses are designed to help them expand their industry knowledge and build expertise about our software that they can use in their jobs. 


Member Roster

HTRI publishes a list of current members and Participating Affiliates on our website. Members can use the roster to verify HTRI membership for their own customers and vendors or to view specific member company information.