Simulate and design plate-fin exchangers

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Xpfe® is an incremental program that contains HTRI’s latest pointwise methods based on extensive experimental data. The program is continually improved using the heat transfer and pressure drop correlations from our ongoing research.

As a module in Xchanger Suite®, Xpfe lets you quickly transfer applicable case data to other components like Xist®.


  • Models axial and crossflow configurations.
  • 2D incrementation calculates localized profiles for heat transfer and pressure drop.
  • Detailed output reports provide overall and localized results.
  • Extensive visualization tools show exactly how the exchanger is performing.
  • Integrated physical property system eliminates requirement for additional property generation software. Xchanger Suite includes VMGThermo™, an extensive and rigorous fluid physical property generator from Virtual Materials Group, Inc.
  • Loads input files from HTFS™, Honeywell UniSim® Plate-Fin Exchanger Modeler, and Aspen Plate Fin Exchanger™. Also integrates with Honeywell UniSim® Design process simulator.
  • Both input and output can be displayed in multiple unit sets, including user-defined sets. Dynamic display of values in all unit sets.
  • Session view allows tracking and retrieval of all runs made during a session.
  • Flow Configuration tool allows visual specification of complex layer geometries.
Xpfe Geometry
Flow configuration drawing indicating stream placements
on each layer.

Geometry Specifications

  • Axial and crossflow configurations
  • Horizontal, vertical, and inclined exchangers
  • Up to 360 layers per exchanger
  • Plain, serrated, wavy, and perforated fin types
  • Aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, or user-defined exchanger material
  • Up to 20 process streams
  • Up to 20 fin types per exchanger
  • Full, diagonal, indirect, mitered, and hardway distributor types

Calculation Features

  • Single-phase, condensing, or boiling process fluids
  • Splitting and combining redistribution
  • Kettle and thermosiphon reboilers
  • Multiple banking of layers
  • Layer-by-layer or common wall temperature calculation modes
  • Multiple fin types per process fluid
  • User-defined flow maldistribution
  • Longitudinal conduction through fins

Design Tools

  • Design mode for axial flow exchangers
  • No geometry data required
  • Optional entry of partial geometry
  • Design constraints (e.g., allowable pressure drop)
Xpfe Outputs
Scaled drawing indicating layout of each layer type.


  • Extensive set of spreadsheet-style output reports can be printed or exported to Microsoft® Excel®
  • Summary reports with overall results in one or two pages
  • Detailed reports for local profiles of all important parameters (temperature, pressure, heat transfer coefficients, heat flux, etc.)
  • 2D and 3D scaled drawings provide visual confirmation of exchanger geometry, allowing for quick identification of performance issues
  • Flow Configuration tool allows graphical layout of stream arrangement
  • User-defined graphs for easy accessibility