Rate and simulate spiral plate exchangers

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Xspe® is an incremental program that lets you quickly and easily predict the thermal-hydraulic performance of Type I (i.e., spiral-spiral flow) single-phase spiral plate exchangers. The program is continually improved using the heat transfer and pressure drop correlations from our ongoing research.

As a module in Xchanger Suite®, Xspe lets you quickly transfer process and property information to other components.


  • Models Type I (spiral-spiral flow) exchangers with sensible liquid or vapor streams.
  • 3D incrementation calculates localized profiles for heat transfer and pressure drop.
  • Detailed output reports provide overall and localized results.
  • Extensive visualization tools show exactly how the exchanger is performing.
  • Integrated physical property system eliminates requirement for additional property generation software. Xchanger Suite includes VMGThermo™, an extensive and rigorous fluid physical property generator from Virtual Materials Group, Inc.
  • Includes built-in interface to most process simulators.
  • Can be embedded as a unit operation in any process simulator supporting CAPE-OPEN.
  • Both input and output can be displayed in multiple unit sets, including user-defined sets. Dynamic display of values in all unit sets.
  • Session view allows tracking and retrieval of all runs made during a session.
Xspe Geometry
Input panel for specifying spiral exchanger specific geometry.

Geometry Specifications

  • Type I configurations (spiral-spiral flow)
  • Cocurrent and countercurrent flow configurations
  • Graphical nozzle location panel
  • Built-in standard nozzle sizing tables
  • Adjustable gap spacing and stud pitch

Calculation Features

  • Rigorous heat transfer and pressure drop calculations using a 3D incrementation scheme that divides the exchanger into a large number of zones
  • Flexible process input allowing specification of known process information (temperature, weight fraction vapor, and/or flowrate) with the program calculating missing information based on energy balance
  • Two modes: rating (known duty and geometry) and simulation (unknown duty and known geometry)
  • Automatic calculation of the number of turns
  • Optional specification of heat transfer coefficients and safety factors
  • User adjustable increments specifies calculation resolution
Xspe Outputs
Output report displaying overall exchanger performance predictions.


  • Extensive set of spreadsheet-style output reports that can be printed or exported to Microsoft® Excel®
  • Summary reports with overall results in one or two pages
  • Detailed reports for local profiles of all important parameters (temperature, pressure, heat transfer coefficients, heat flux, etc.)
  • Graphing of all local profiles
  • 2D drawing of exchanger core
  • User-defined graphs for easy accessibility