Recent HTRI News

  • Exchanger Optimizer 6.0 now available

    May 03, 2022
    HTRI is dedicated to making Exchanger Optimizer the most rigorous and accurate exchanger design and costing software available. We have added new capabilities in Version 6.0—now available for licensed users to download. Estimation methods for twisted-tape inserts Assess costs based on the material and characteristics of the twisted-tape tube inserts. In...

  • Sneak Preview: Key Features in Xfh Ultra 3.0

    April 26, 2022
    Xfh® Ultra, HTRI’s modeling software for fired heaters, has a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly set up and run your fired heater cases. Xfh Ultra uses tubeside calculations, backed by HTRI’s extensive research on single-phase and two-phase boiling, to maximize the performance of fired heaters.  In this webinar, we review...

  • Careers - Engineer, Research

    April 04, 2022
    HTRI seeks an individual to manage and execute assigned HTRI research projects involving the acquisition of experimental data, analytical research, and the correlation of data. Principal Responsibilities Identify potential short- and long-range research projects; prepare project specifications for short- and long-range research projects; draft schedules for assigned projects. Propose experimental program,...

  • Careers - Engineer, Software Development

    February 13, 2022
    HTRI seeks someone to develop and improve HTRI engineering software for members, including implementing engineering methods evolving from ongoing research. Principal responsibilities  Modify existing software and implement new engineering methods in languages such as Fortran, C/C++, and C# from a given set of requirements Develop and modify graphic user interfaces from...

  • TT-14 Create custom templates for Xchanger Suite 

    February 02, 2022
    Component: All Applicable to: Version 8.0 and later Date posted: 2 February 2022 This TechTip presents HTRI's current guidance for using customized report templates, replacing our previous recommendations for developing your own Excel templates. HTRI members have customized spreadsheets for reporting use with HTRI software over many years. These spreadsheets are sometimes simple modifications to...

  • F-27-TR HTRI Crude Oil Fouling Standard Evaluation Test Matrix

    February 02, 2022
    HTRI developed a standardized crude oil fouling test matrix that covers industry-relevant ranges of flow, bulk temperature, and wall temperature. The test matrix provides a more complete picture of a crude oil’s fouling behavior in the High Temperature Fouling Units (HTFUs). This report summarizes the design of the HTFUs, the identification...

  • Year-end Videos

    January 28, 2022
    Year-end Videos For many years, HTRI received and sent out hundreds of holiday cards. These cards were the common manner used to extend best regards and hope for a healthy, happy, and joyous New Year. As technology advanced, electronic greetings replaced print cards, and we joined many other companies and academic...

  • Reflections of Year 2021

    December 16, 2021
    Reflections of Year 2021 Throughout 2021, we have responded to changes the COVID-19 pandemic thrust upon us. Communicating from behind a mask is like learning a new language; visual cues are limited and speech is negatively affected. HTRI successfully adapted to the "new normal," with virtual correspondence increasingly replacing in-person contact....

  • Impact of research in Xchanger Suite® 9.0

    December 07, 2021
    What you can expect from method changes in Version 9.0 Revised correlations for bend and tee pressure losses (Xist®) The single-phase and two-phase pressure loss correlations for U-bends and piping element bends have been revised to produce lower pressure losses for sharp bends at high Reynolds numbers and to provide a...


    November 23, 2021
    CC-DACH (September 14, 2021) Inception Date: April 4, 2001 View CC-DACH Roster CC Meeting Documents Material presented prior to January 1, 2008 is not listed.  May 19, 2022   Agenda       September 14, 2021   Agenda Minutes HTRI Response       September 17, 2020   Agenda Minutes HTRI...