Software piracy is a significant problem for companies around the world. For some, the impact of piracy is simply a loss of revenue, but for highly technical software like HTRI Xchanger Suite®, pirated and cracked versions can lead to far more serious problems for our member companies, often in ways they might not anticipate.

When software is cracked, hackers often change large sections of the program in order to bypass security routines. It’s impossible for them to verify that fundamental operations and calculations in the software haven’t been altered, especially without access to the original source code. The highly interdependent nature of the incremental calculation engines in HTRI software means that even a small error introduced by a hacker could lead to drastically different predictions. Without access to the latest updated findings, people using pirated versions are likely not getting adequate results. Further, these people cannot access additional guidance directly from our technical support, research, and development staff.

When seeking consulting, design, or construction bids from a third party, we strongly urge you to verify that the company you are dealing with is an HTRI member in good standing. Simply visit the Current Members list on the HTRI website. If the company isn’t listed, it’s possible they’re using pirated HTRI software or materials.

Similarly, you can check reports. As an example, the top section of each Xchanger Suite calculation report page should list the HTRI member company that generated the document (Figure 1). When receiving these HTRI reports, you should be suspicious if that top section displays either a blank space where the company name should appear or a company name that is not listed as a current HTRI member on the website.

Figure 1. Heat Transfer Research, Inc. is listed as the member company generating this report

If you have any questions or concerns, or just want to report a company for suspected piracy, contact [email protected]. We assure you that we will keep your report confidential unless we are authorized to use your name.

Your membership fees directly support HTRI’s research program and the ongoing improvement of our products. If you associate with companies that use pirated copies of HTRI materials and software, you’re hurting your own investment, rewarding companies that don’t contribute, and dramatically increasing your risk exposure.