Throughout 2021, we have responded to changes the COVID-19 pandemic thrust upon us. Communicating from behind a mask is like learning a new language; visual cues are limited and speech is negatively affected. HTRI successfully adapted to the "new normal," with virtual correspondence increasingly replacing in-person contact. We have held our conferences, meetings, and training events virtually, with a core group of staff working in the offices, while others transitioned to working from home.

Our Research & Technology Center (RTC) is the "engine" that fuels HTRI. The technicians stepped up to the challenges; we have not been down a single day at the RTC since March of 2020 when the COVID shutdowns began.

Despite the challenges, we have

  • increased our membership
  • hired more staff
  • constructed new rigs at the RTC
  • reconfigured existing RTC rigs to accommodate different testing purposes
  • established new collaborations
  • begun planning for our 60th anniversary celebrations to be held in 2022

You, our members, are the reason for our ongoing success and growth. We are on the way to 1000 members—a credit to our sales staff and members who generously recommend our technology and actively participate in member groups, helping us stay relevant.

At this time, let us reflect on the challenges and rewards of this past year.


The power of the consortium remains strong. Next year, 2022, marks our 60th anniversary. We hope you will celebrate with us during our Global Conference in Pasadena, California, USA from September 19 – 23, 2022. We are delighted to hold this event at a grand place, The Langham Huntington, Pasadena (originally The Huntington Hotel), which is just around the corner from where our leased offices were located when we were based in California and the site of our then "Winter Meetings." Book your flights or make your plans to get on the road to join us!

With our best wishes for a New Year of good health, joyous times, and peace,

Claudette D. Beyer's Signature

Claudette D. Beyer
Chief Executive Officer & Chair of the Board

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