In 1962, representatives from twelve companies incorporated HTRI in the state of Delaware. Sixty years later, both our membership of over 950 companies in 65 countries and 110 HTRI staff are located across the globe. Our mission remains conducting heat transfer research and developing software used in the daily operations of businesses throughout the world.

While technology allows us to maintain routine meetings and events when we are unable to travel, nothing truly replaces face-to-face communication. This year marked the return of in-person events. It was wonderful to see you at our meetings, training, trade shows, and conferences. The highlight was celebrating HTRI's 60th anniversary in Pasadena, California, where Winter Meetings were held for many years when we were headquartered nearby.

At this time, let us reflect on the gatherings and celebrations we had this past year.


We are grateful for our association with you; your active involvement and use of our technology ensures continuance of the power of the HTRI consortium. On behalf of the Officers, HTRI staff, the Board of Directors, and the Technical Committee, I send you wishes for a safe holiday season and a New Year of good health, joyous times, and peace.

Claudette D. Beyer's Signature

Claudette D. Beyer
Chief Executive Officer & Chair of the Board

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