• Is My Design OK? Lessons Learned: Falling Film Evaporators

    January 31, 2017
    The purpose of this webinar is to discuss industry experience with vertical tubeside falling film evaporators, including specified applications and design principles for configuration. In this webinar, we identify potential design problems in keeping tube walls wet and discuss HTRI’s current methods in addressing these concerns within Xist....

  • BT-40-TR Vertical Tubeside Falling Film Evaporation of p-Xylene

    February 06, 2019
    With p-xylene as the test fluid, HTRI collected data for both cocurrent and countercurrent flow in a vertical tubeside falling film evaporator (FFE) test section. Preliminary results for a single-component fluid indicate that HTRI methods predict heat transfer coefficients within ±35%; that pressure drop trends with the flow regime parameter; and...