• S-ST-1-16 Modeling Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer for a Pseudoplastic Fluid

    May 19, 2021
    HTRI conducted tests with ketchup in a double-pipe heat exchanger in the Tubeside Single-phase Unit (TSPU). Detailed analysis of rheological reports and results of adiabatic and heat transfer tests allowed characterization of the wall correction factor and the heat transfer coefficient. An open literature model was implemented, tested, and optimized within...
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  • Research Update: 2020 - Year in HTRI Research

    February 09, 2021
    After summarizing the results from HTRI Research over the past year, this webinar provides insights into how these results improve our technology and its use by HTRI members. Topics include prediction of hot air recirculation for air coolers, development of new non-Newtonian heat transfer correlations, modification of tubeside falling film heat...
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  • Research Update: Non-Newtonian Flows in Heat Exchangers

    January 16, 2017
    HTRI has begun a research program dedicated to non-Newtonian flows. In order to discuss the plans for this research program, this webinar reviews the following items: the definition non-Newtonian fluids, the use apparent viscosity, focusing on power law fluids, how non-Newtonian flows affect pressure drop and heat transfer in heat exchangers...
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