RB3-8 Falling Film Evaporation of Ethylene Glycol-Water Solutions, Prediction by HTRI Boiling Range Method

J. W. Palen

HTRI Report BT-10 documents HTRI sponsored research on falling film evaporation of glycol/water solutions at Lehigh University during the period 1986 - 1988. In that report the required mass transfer correction to heat transfer was determined by a mass diffusion method applying only to binary mixtures.

This Research brief makes a preliminary comparison of the same data with the more widely applicable HTRI Boiling Range Method. It was found that the Boiling Range Method can give a reasonable prediction of mixture effects in falling film evaporation if used together with the Chun-Seban correlation for the pseudo-single component film coefficient. It is suggested that this approach, therefore, can be used, in general, as a default method for wide-boiling-range falling film evaporation until additional data are available for further improvement.