• TT-31 Beware of flow obstructions in inlet and outlet regions

    February 14, 2023
    Component: Xist, Xvib Applicable to: All supported versions (Version 8.2 and Version 9.x) Date posted: 14 February 2023  Flow obstructions in the inlet and outlet regions can invalidate the Xist bundle entrance and exit velocities and thus impact the rho-V2 calculations. The Xist vibration analysis for shell and bundle entrance and exit...
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  • Measuring sound...with a phone?

    July 12, 2018
    Kevin J. Farrell, Principal Engineer, Computational Simulation & Validation Sound propagates as pressure fluctuates in fluids; measuring sound means converting these fluctuations into electrical signals with a transducer. A sound level meter—a pressure transducer attached to a voltmeter—has often been used to record noise levels around a heat exchanger experiencing acoustic...
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