• Industry Interest in Electric Heaters Continues to Heat Up

    November 06, 2023
    Process electric heaters are an intriguing alternative to fuel burning heaters like the shell-and-tube exchangers commonly used in industrial plant settings. Electric heating elements, rather than heated fluid in tubes, provide constant heat flux. Electric heaters can thus control duty more precisely and produce higher heat fluxes than steam condensers. Since...
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  • Research Update Webinar: Industry Trends and Gaps in Process Heat Transfer

    July 12, 2021
        Webinar Overview HTRI's research program focuses on industry trends (e.g., lowering carbon footprint or assessing new technologies) and addresses gaps or areas where we need to learn more in process heat transfer (e.g., off-design performance). After summarizing the results from our research over the past year, this webinar provides...
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  • Baffle design dictates ideal flow

    June 11, 2020
    Ashley Simmons, Engineer, Technical Support Each heat exchanger has unique requirements due to process constraints, site limitations, or cost concerns. The fundamentals of good design apply to every variety of exchanger. The primary goal of every designer is to optimize exchanger design for the most effective heat transfer possible. One of...
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