• Industry Interest in Electric Heaters Continues to Heat Up

    November 06, 2023
    Process electric heaters are an intriguing alternative to fuel burning heaters like the shell-and-tube exchangers commonly used in industrial plant settings. Electric heating elements, rather than heated fluid in tubes, provide constant heat flux. Electric heaters can thus control duty more precisely and produce higher heat fluxes than steam condensers. Since...
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  • TechTip: Modeling Process Electric Heaters in Xist

    October 05, 2023
    Xist® 9.1 introduced electric heater functionality. This webinar describes the basic modeling approach for electric heaters and the inputs and outputs for the electric service types. It also covers the current limitations of the model and forecasts potential improvements in Xist. A case study demonstrates how users can build and evaluate an electric...
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  • Educational: Process Electric Heaters

    May 31, 2023
    Electric heaters are an established process heating technology that has been gaining renewed interest in recent years. This webinar discusses the fundamental characteristics and components of electric heaters, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of their use. ...
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