• CS-21 Xist Thermal Predictions of Horizontal Shellside Condensation with Subcooling

    October 10, 2018
    HTRI collected data in a horizontal E-shell exchanger with vertical-cut baffles, obtaining varying degrees of subcooling at the exchanger outlet for water, n-pentane, p-xylene, and  a binary mixture of n-pentane/p-xylene. Liquid level measurements along the length of the exchanger confirmed the presence of shellside flooding. Xist predicted the heat transfer area...
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  • TT-7 Model flooding for horizontal tubeside condensers

    January 26, 2017
    Component: Xist Applicable to: All supported versions (Versions 7.3 and 8) Date posted: 7 October 2008 Although Xist does not include an option to specify the flooded condensate level for horizontal tubeside condensers, you can use Xist results to determine the flooded condensate level in the channel head using only one...
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