Xchanger Suite 7.3 is Now Available

HTRI software Xchanger Suite version 7.3 is now available. Below are just a few of many improvements.

  • Any HTRI member with a verified login can now download and install Xchanger Suite 7.3. (Previously, only authorized accounts such as company contacts could download the Xchanger Suite installer.)
  • We added an option to specify an initial heat load estimate for simulation calculations in Xist®, Xhpe®, and Xjpe® to speed execution and improve chances of convergence.
  • Initial heat load guess and convergence logic was enhanced to improve execution speed in Xist, Xhpe, and Xjpe.
  • The issue of calculated pressure drops exceeding operating pressure in Xist, Xhpe, Xjpe, and Xace® has been mitigated by limiting local pressures in each increment to a low limit, which allows calculations to continue and provide an answer. Warnings are issued when this occurs.
  • New heat transfer and hydraulic methods were implemented in Xist to handle kettle bundles partially submerged in liquid.
  • New pressure drop methods have been implemented for U-tube bends in Xist.
  • Tubeside mist flow heat transfer correlations are now available for falling film evaporators in Xist.
  • A new U-bend schedule report was added that shows row designation, number of U-bends, straight length, bend diameter, and total length for Xist and Xhpe.
  • The installer can now update a machine with an earlier version (Xchanger Suite 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 or 7.2.1) or install a completely new version of Xchanger Suite 7.3. A previous version is not required.

Based on feedback from our Beta testing program, proposed changes for the shellside condensation heat transfer coefficients have been postponed until a later release. Log in to the website to access the Release Notes for a complete list of updates.

Licensed users can download the program now. Contact support@htri.net if you require assistance with software download or installation.