Exchanger Optimizer 6.1 now available

HTRI is dedicated to making Exchanger Optimizer the most rigorous and accurate exchanger design and costing software available. We have added new capabilities in Version 6.1.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Module

Heat exchangers are a vital technology for the global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). More organizations are attempting to understand and manage their GHG emissions. Your license of Exchanger Optimizer now includes the GHG Emissions module, which aims to tackle the management of embodied and operational carbon from fabrication to the operation of air-cooled and shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

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Updated Operation Cost Estimation

Version 6.1 also includes an updated Operation Cost Estimation to reflect a better lifetime estimation for the exchanger. The default estimation period is now set to 20 years (this can be changed in the Operation tab). Additionally, when reporting cost for utility consumption, Exchanger Optimizer now displays an initial capital cost and a recurring cost for the utility.

Utility consumption cost breakdown
Utility consumption cost breakdown

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