TechTip: Using the HTRI Parametric Study Tool

Posted Date:
May 14, 2014
Facilitated by:
Nathan Kidd

Attending this webinar will help you get started using the HTRI Parametric Study tool, which extends the capabilities of HTRI Xchanger Suite® using Microsoft Excel and the OLE automation server interface and API that is installed with Xchanger Suite. This tool allows you to run many Xchanger Suite cases in series based on a template *.htri file while varying parameters of your choosing.Use this tool if you want to study the sensitivity of calculation results when changing input to the HTRI software. The tool is intended for users with experience using and knowledge of the underlying data models in Xchanger Suite. However, with some patience and learning, a novice Xchanger Suite user should be able to make effective use of this tool.

The Parametric Study Tool is available in the Knowledge Base under the Other Useful Documents heading.