TechTip: Using the HTRI Automation Server

Posted Date:
August 27, 2014
Facilitated by:
Nathan Kidd

HTRI Xchanger Suite® provides an application programming interface (API) called the HTRI Automation Server. The HTRI Automation Server is easily accessed by external applications and may be used to access data from Xchanger Suite files and to run Xchanger Suite calculations.You may want to leverage the HTRI Automation Server to:

  • integrate Xchanger Suite data with other software and tools
  • run many Xchanger Suite cases programmatically to generate tables of calculation data
  • post process Xchanger Suite calculations
  • perform any other tasks not available in the Xchanger Suite user interface

Attending this webinar will help you get started developing with the HTRI Automation Server. We will build a simple .NET application in Visual Studio 2013 to demonstrate how to automate some basic tasks within Xchanger Suite, such as:

  • loading an existing case
  • changing input data in a case
  • running a case
  • retrieving output data from a case
  • saving a case

This webinar is for engineers or software developers familiar with Visual Studio and C# and who want to integrate Xchanger Suite into their own applications.