Sneak Preview: SmartPM™ 5.0

Posted Date:
March 24, 2021
Facilitated by:
Simon Pugh

SmartPM™ is HTRI’s performance monitoring and predictive maintenance software for shell-and-tube exchanger networks.  With this software, you can

  • rapidly build complex digital twin models, re-using any available Xist® files
  • connect to plant data sources such as OSIsoft PI System™ and synchronize with Xist to populate with real plant performance data, geometry, and stream properties
  • run either rapid HTRI or rigorous Xist engines for selected exchangers, for single- or two-phase flow
  • easily reconcile and simulate data
  • identify ways to save energy and manage throughput through exchanger cleaning
  • decide which exchangers not to clean at turnaround
  • improve network performance when revamping exchangers

In this webinar, we use a refinery preheat train case study to highlight selected new and expanded capabilities in SmartPM 5.0.