Research Update: Modeling Flow Distribution in Manifolds and Headers

Posted Date:
October 29, 2014
Facilitated by:
Siddharth Talapatra

In this webinar, we will discuss flow distribution and pressure drop for single T-junctions and manifolds by

  • describing the T-junction resistance coefficients and how they vary with flow conditions and geometry
  • describing manifold geometry and outlining the differential and discrete equation approaches for solving the flow distribution problem
  • demonstrating which approach is suitable for PHE headers
  • demonstrating the implementation of a differential approach in solving a simple manifold problem
  • discussing the effects of manifold geometry and flow conditions on maldistribution

Research report TPF-12 discusses these issues in more detail, and also covers additional topics such as computing nozzle-to-nozzle tubeside pressure drop in a shell-and-tube exchanger.