Research Update: Condensation with Desuperheating

Posted Date:
April 25, 2012
Facilitated by:
Zhihua "Frank" Yang

When superheated vapor enters a condenser, the vapor cannot condense until the sensible heat content is removed in a process called desuperheating. Reports CT-21 and CT-22 present experimental data, discuss the principles of pure components and mixture wet-wall desuperheating, and review available heat transfer models and correlations. These reports also propose methods, based on heat and mass balance, for determining the wet-wall desuperheating heat transfer coefficient. Comparisons show that the new methods predict all of HTRI’s data and 95 percent of Lehr’s data within ±25 percent of error ratios. This webinar discusses the experimental research included in Reports CT-21 and CT-22 and the methods proposed for Xchanger Suite 7.