Beyond the Basics: Understanding the Simple vs. Detailed Piping Option in Xist®

Posted Date:
September 09, 2015
Facilitated by:
Andy Mountford

Xist® includes two options for specifying piping geometries: simple (default) and detailed. The simple piping option requires fewer inputs but relies on several default assumptions which may not conform to the intended piping configuration. In contrast, the detailed piping option requires users to specify each piping element (e.g., straight pipe runs, sudden enlargements/contractions, tees, elbows, etc.) in the order they appear in the piping circuit. This option offers a more rigorous determination of the piping pressure drop without reliance on default assumptions and is therefore the recommended option for finalizing thermosiphon designs, particularly when piping isometric drawings are available. This webinar will demonstrate how to use each of these options and discuss the results you should expect with each.