TPF-3 Two-Phase Pressure Drop in Windowflow of Baffled Tube Bundles

K. Ishihara and J. W. Palen

Existing correlations of shellside two-phase windowflow pressure drops were reviewed. A new HTRI correlation was developed to be incorporated with the crossflow pressure drop correlations given in HTRI Report TPF-2 for the prediction of two-phase pressure drop of a baffled shell-and-tube exchanger. As with the crossflow relations, the new correlation is based on the HTRI concept of differentiating pressure drop mechanisms according to flow regimes. Only a small amount of literature data is now existing, and future expansion and modification of the correlation will be made using additional data as it becomes available.

Substantial improvement in prediction was made over existing methods when tested against the data at hand. A combined procedure for predicting shellside two-phase pressure drop in a typical baffle space of a baffled heat exchanger is presented.