• Getting Started: Building Your First Case in Edgeview

    September 16, 2020
    Edgeview® is a new software tool that analyzes heat exchanger performance across a range of operating data. It is most powerful when used in conjunction with Xist®. This webinar provides an overview of the Edgeview interface, demonstrates how to set up a case and perform an analysis, and offers guidance on the reports...
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  • TT-11 Model DX evaporators in Xace and Xist

    January 26, 2017
    Component: Xace, Xist Applicable to: Version 7.2 and previous Date posted: 17 September 2009 Component: Xace, Xist Date retired: 12 October 2020 Refrigeration cycles use direct expansion (DX) evaporators, heat exchangers in which the tubeside fluid is a refrigerant that completely vaporizes. DX evaporators have the following characteristics: The refrigerant at the...
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