RB7-6 Shellside Condensation Pressure Drop on 11 Fins/In. Tubebundles

K. Ishihara

New pressure drop data have been obtained on two types of 11 fins/in. test tube bundles and used to evaluate the current pressure drop correlation for finned tube bundles developed in HTRI Report TPF-4.

The current correlation was found to be considerably overpredicting the pressure drop data of the 11 fins/in. tube bundle and, therefore, to be valid only for 19 fins/in. and 30 fins/in. tube bundles as originally developed.

The current correlation was modified to accommodate the new 11 fins/in. tube bundle data. The new proposed correlation can predict the condensing pressure drop data for 11 fins/in. tube bundles as well as 19 fins/in. and 30 fins/in. tube bundles.