TPF-4 Two-Phase Shellside Pressure Drops for Condensation on Low Integral Finned Tube Bundles

K. Ishihara and A. E. Kassem

Extensive data have been accumulated for shellside pressure drop of fluids condensing on integral finned tube bundles, using two types of finned tubes, namely 19 fins/in. and 30 fins/in. tubes. The data cover a full range of flow regimes from gravity-controlled to shear-controlled flow for pure fluids over a wide range of fluid properties including both low and high surface tension fluids.

A new method has been developed for finned tube bundle pressure drop calculations based on the new data. Visual observations of the actual condensing behavior were also recorded. The new method is an extension of the basic pressure drop calculation methods already established for plain tube bundles. The new method gives substantial improvement of the prediction of shellside condensing pressure drop. This report supersedes and expands the Research Brief 2-4 issued in March, 1982.