HTRI announces new SmartPMā„¢ release

SmartPM 3.0 integrates HTRI technology for improved exchanger and network performance monitoring and predictive maintenance

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Acquired by HTRI in 2016, SmartPM is primarily used in crude refinery preheat trains. The software aids management of fouling by closely monitoring performance to assist with predictive maintenance, thus reducing energy costs and increasing operating margins. Its capabilities also extend beyond preheat trains to other shell-and-tube exchanger networks.

SmartPM has been implemented and thoroughly tested in refineries and is being used worldwide. The new capability to import Xist cases in SmartPM 3.0 allows users to more rapidly build network models and reconcile plant data. Implementing HTRI heat transfer and pressure drop methods significantly improves reliability of the predictions. The software’s built-in data historian can export performance data to Xist for further analysis, such as design enhancements, equipment changes, or revamps.

To improve your performance and profit margin, contact us about the various options to utilize SmartPM.

SmartPM Crude Preheat Train
On the left is the SmartPM model of a preheat train. On the right is historic and predicted performance information for the exchangers, based on an optimum cleaning schedule.