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Performance monitoring and predictive maintenance software for shell-and-tube heat exchanger networks

SmartPMTM simulates complex networks of shell-and-tube heat exchangers to help engineers and plant operators manage fouling. Used in exchanger networks such as refinery preheat trains, SmartPM predicts future performance, including the effects of fouling build-up, and can help achieve energy savings and maintain throughput.

Combining HTRI’s single- and two-phase detailed exchanger analysis methods with advanced techniques for exchanger network simulation makes SmartPM the most robust, validated thermohydraulic simulator of its type.

With one of the two SmartPM modules, you can

SmartPM Software Information Sheet
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  Engineer Operator
Build heat exchanger network model  
Import Xist® exchanger models  
Rapid plant monitoring data entry using Tag Import Wizard
Reconcile plant monitoring data
Create fouling models using reconciled data  
Simulate network performance with fouling considerations
Develop cleaning schedules with fouling considerations
Explore retrofit options to enhance heat recovery  
Export Xist exchanger models (populated with plant data and calculated performance parameters)  
Explore network performance improvements of revamp and network structure modifications and quantify economic benefits  
Store model data, including plant measurements and exchanger performance predictions, in built-in data historian
View imported and calculated data

Software Highlights

  • expands reporting capabilities with a performance dashboard displaying historic performance data for individual shells and the entire network as well as historic and predicted network heat duty plots
  • extends HTRI methods for calculation of two-phase film heat transfer coefficients and pressure drops
  • advances usability with editable tables of geometry values, display of component names on graphs, specification of separate inlet/outlet nozzle diameters, and addition of tube wall material specification
  • estimates historic daily fouling costs with normalized furnace inlet temperature (NFIT) calculation
  • includes the ModelView module as an option for displaying all historic and predicted data within a locked network model
  • improves hydraulic calculations in data reconciliation and tracking modes
  • addition of heat exchanger properties table with improved data checking
  • new options for data visuals, including presentation of date-selected stream local values on the model canvas
  • new option to equally distribute fouling resistances among shells in series
  • calculation to rank benefits of cleaning one or more exchangers on a specified future date, from three months ahead to 24 months ahead
SmartPM Crude Preheat Train
This SmartPM model displays an example crude preheat train in the user-friendly interface.

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