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Performance monitoring and predictive maintenance software for shell-and-tube heat exchanger networks

SmartPMTM simulates complex networks of shell-and-tube heat exchangers to help engineers and plant operators manage fouling. Used in exchanger networks such as refinery preheat trains, SmartPM estimates future performance to save on energy costs and maintain throughput.

Combining HTRI’s detailed exchanger analysis methods with SmartPM’s advanced techniques for exchanger network simulation makes SmartPM the most robust, validated thermo-hydraulic simulator of its type.

Implement SmartPM to

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  • Gather exchanger performance details to complete complex calculations of past and future performance
  • Store model data, including plant measurements and predictions, in the built-in data historian
  • Predict exchanger fouling using historical data and advanced modeling techniques
  • Support effective scheduling of exchanger cleaning
  • Import Xist® cases for rapid model building and export for plant data sharing
  • Build and analyze heat exchanger networks in a graphical, user-friendly environment

Two modules of SmartPM are available:

  • SmartPM Engineer: This full-featured version includes the capability to build and modify heat exchanger network models.
  • SmartPM Operator: This simplified version uses pre-built, locked network models to prevent accidental changes to the flow sheet or exchanger geometries.

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SmartPM Crude Preheat Train
This SmartPM model displays an example crude preheat train in the highly user-friendly interface.