Exchanger Optimizer 5 now available

HTRI is dedicated to making Exchanger Optimizer the most rigorous and accurate design and costing software for heat exchangers. We have added new capabilities in Version 5, which is available for licensed users to download.

New features for shell-and-tube heat exchangers

Nozzle code calculations

  • Check if additional reinforcement is needed for the nozzle
  • View the results of a load stress analysis per WRC 107/537
  • Enter user-defined nozzle loads or automatically define loads based on API 660
Nozzle load code calculations

UHX tubesheet stress summary for exchangers with U-tubes and floating heads

  • See visual representation of the stresses in the exchanger for every design case
  • Customize the tubesheet assembly and create user defined operating cases
Calculations for U-tube heat exchangers
Calculations for floating head heat exchangers

New features for air-cooled heat exchangers

Calculations and input options for ASME Appendix 13

  • Enter all header box dimensions
  • Review easy to read charts showing the calculated and allowable stresses for the header box
Header code calculations

Tube code calculation output

  • Review the results of the tube's internal and external pressure calculations
  • Automatically account for reduced tube thickness with embedded fins
Tube calculations with fin groove depth

Header box design options

  • Split header box, required per API 661 when the process fluid temperature difference exceeds 200 °F
  • Provide additional input, such as minimum tubesheet thickness, tube hole groove count, and corrosion allowance
  • Set number of tube hole grooves, and the program automatically calculates tubesheet and plugsheet thickness
New design specifications for air-cooled heat exchangers

Additional improvements

  • Updated material database, shop rates, and plant rates for 2020
  • 170 different currencies
  • Expanded shop and plant locations to 18 countries/regions
  • Option for user-defined configuration file directory (i.e., multiple users can point to a common network drive or cloud drive to share configuration files)

Coming soon in a future version

Shell-and-tube shop modeling for fabricators

  • Fine-tune labor costs to model your shop's unique fabrication process

  • Generate accurate quotes for clients without running multiple programs

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