Exchanger OptimizerTM 4.1 now available

HTRI announces the release of Exchanger Optimizer 4.1. Licensed users can now download this latest version from the Downloads page.

Exchanger Optimizer is an innovative economic evaluation tool that allows engineers to consider fabrication, installation, and operational costs in heat exchanger design decisions.

New features in Exchanger Optimizer 4.1 include

  • ASME code calculation reports
    Additional reports help users gain transparency into ASME code calculations for
    • tubes, internal and external pressure
    • cylinders
    • elliptical heads
    • flat cover plates
    • cones
    • body flanges
  • Tune Shop Rates view
    Users can now input actual heat exchanger rates to improve estimate accuracy.
  • Fixed Tubesheet input panel
    A new input panel allows users to adjust the design of fixed tubesheet heat exchangers.

For a complete list of changes, view Exchanger Optimizer’s Version History.