Upcoming Events

February 20, 2020
10:30 AM CST (UTC -06:00)

Fixed tubesheet heat exchangers are often designed with expansion joints to handle the differential thermal growth between the tubes and the shell. Learn how to use Exchanger Optimizer 4.1.6 to

  • specify operating metal temperatures and evaluate the cost impact of adding a flanged and flued or bellows expansion joint
  • modify designs to eliminate the need for expansion joints, resulting in more economical configurations

Research Update: 2019 - Year in HTRI Research Webinar

March 19, 2020
10:30 AM CDT (UTC -05:00)

This webinar highlights the accomplishments of HTRI Research over the past year and describes how HTRI members can benefit from these developments. We briefly discuss airside studies with our air cooler unit, thermosiphon turndown results, lessons learned testing non-Newtonian fluids, insights from falling film experiments, heat transfer predictions with supercritical fluids, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies of kettle circulation, and more.  The session updates information originally presented at the 2019 Global Conference in addition to new initiatives.