CT-33 Horizontal Intube Condensation at Georgia Tech: Test Rig and Initial n-Pentane Data

S. Garimella and J. A. Milkie (Sustainable Thermal Systems Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology)

Under contract with HTRI, the Sustainable Thermal Systems Laboratory (STSL) at Georgia Institute of Technology is studying intube condensation with pentane, propane, and propane/ethane mixtures. The STSL is conducting experiments in the Phase-Change Heat Transfer Test Facility, a closed loop, single-pressure system. In the first phase of the study, the STSL acquired condensation heat transfer and pressure drop data using n-pentane as the working fluid. This report describes the test facility and presents the initial n-pentane data gathered using tubes with inside diameters of 7.75 and 14.45 mm at saturation temperatures of 45, 60, and 75 °C over mass fluxes ranging from 100 to 450 kg/m2 s. Comparisons of the data with correlations for frictional pressure gradient and heat transfer coefficient indicate that the experiment is properly controlled and configured for the upcoming experiments with propane and propane/ethane mixtures.